Covid-19 in Canada: the anger of truck drivers over the vaccination obligation

Many convoys of angry truck drivers, accompanied by many sympathizers, arrive in Ottawa to demand the removal of compulsory vaccination when their truck returns home from the United States.


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In Canada, convoys of angry truckers accompanied by many sympathizers have been converging on the capital Ottawa for several days.

Their goal is to demonstrate in front of Parliament to demand the withdrawal of compulsory vaccination when their truck returns to the country from the United States.


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With our correspondent in Quebec


Pascale Guéricolas

Since January 15, all truck drivers must show proof of vaccination or quarantine for two weeks.

Citizens tired of sanitary measures support their movement and have gathered throughout their journey across Canada, such as in

the Quebec region



Freedom, freedom, freedom! 

”: In minus 15 degrees, hundreds of demonstrators encourage the passage of trucks covered with Canadian flags en route to the demonstration in Ottawa.

For many, the fight of these drivers opposed to the obligation of a vaccination pass when they return to Canada symbolizes the fight against health restrictions.


 Stop forcing people if they don't want to get vaccinated, stop the health passes, it's all unrelated, nonsense.

We are a free country when we can live freely

 , ”explains one of the demonstrators.

Solidarity with truck drivers

In a few days, the wave of sympathy towards the truckers has continued to grow from one end of the country to the other.

To the delight of this driver, who lives fourteen hours by road from Ottawa: “ 

The population embarks with all the truckers, thank you very much.

We are united.


Another driver about to leave to join the convoy of trucks on the way to the demonstration in Ottawa adds: “ 

We stay in Ottawa.

We will stay as long as it takes.

It's for our freedom.


The police are already monitoring the arrival of the first demonstrators and road convoys in the Canadian capital.

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