• CO2 sensors measure the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air of each room.

  • They are a useful tool in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

  • The city of Nantes has already installed 21 in canteens.

    Deployment will accelerate.

It is one of the tools for monitoring the proper ventilation of premises.

And therefore to fight indirectly against the risks of contamination with Covid-19.

C02 sensors are acclaimed by teachers' and parents' unions.

The Ministry of Education has itself recommended that communities settle in schools.

In Nantes, only 21 C02 sensors were installed at the end of 2021 in the school canteens of 13 schools in the city.

This was an experiment, which will be evaluated in March.

However, without waiting for the analysis of the air quality measurements in these 13 schools, the town hall wishes to move up a gear.

In total, “170 additional C02 detectors have already been ordered to equip, by April, spaces where there is no wearing of masks by children”, she announces.

In detail, 120 new devices will be positioned in school canteens.

All Nantes canteens will therefore be equipped with them.

Some 50 C02 detectors will also be installed in the dormitories of nurseries and nursery schools.

Contrary to the choices of other municipalities, there are currently no plans to put C02 detectors in the classroom.

Ventilation instructions

At the same time, the city of Nantes indicates that it will also acquire a few non-connected mobile detectors "for a technical analysis making it possible to see in real time the evolution of the CO2 level in a room and to reinforce, if necessary, the gestures of the occupants to greater ventilation of the premises”. These mobile devices can be used, depending on the needs, in other municipal sites (multi-receptions, etc.), specifies the town hall.

CO2 detectors measure the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air of each room.

When the threshold is exceeded, the device signals it, indicating the need to ventilate the premises immediately.

Pending deployment in the spring, the ventilation instructions are “regularly reminded to municipal agents as well as to the facilitators of Léo Lagrange Ouest [manager of extracurricular reception]”, assures the town hall of Nantes.


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