first critical articles appeared in the local press.

Late, but the overdue debate is getting going.

For this he suggested the expansion of the basement.

On this basis, planning began in 2018.

Plans kept secret

After a Europe-wide project tender, the contract was awarded directly to the Erfurt architects Kummer Lubk Partner.

An office that was shown to be qualified, above all through the renovation of the Ducal Museum in Gotha.

There were neither the colloquia and advisory bodies that are now customary for such an important project, nor an architectural competition.

The Lindenau Museum closed in 2019.

However, the specific conversion plans themselves were kept secret until recently.

With good reason, as the few plans published so far, which are also downright embarrassingly schematic, show - the museum did not want to publish more detailed drawings even when asked.

The planned intervention far exceeds everything that is still expected of historicist buildings, even those of a much lower quality.