Consolidate and expand the effectiveness of grassroots burden reduction

  The year 2021, which has just passed, is the third year in which the Party Central Committee has concentrated on rectifying formalism to reduce the burden on the grassroots.

A series of new deployments have reduced the burden of grass-roots cadres, and a series of new measures have increased the efficiency of governance capabilities. A normalized mechanism for reducing the burden of grass-roots has been established. , the results continue to benefit the vast number of enterprises and the people.

According to the survey, 89% of grass-roots cadres are satisfied with the three-year burden reduction work.

Next, we must continue to make efforts to consolidate and expand the effectiveness of grassroots burden reduction.

  Perseverance and implementation are important experiences in reducing the burden on the grassroots and achieving results.

Prominent problems such as literacy, excessive supervision, inspection and assessment are typical formalism and bureaucratic stubborn diseases. They have profound causes of disease. If you are not careful, they will rebound. If you are not careful, they will change their appearance and mutate invisibly. If you have the idea of ​​taking a break and breathing a sigh of relief, you must insist on grasping the regular, thin, and long, and always carry forward the spirit of nailing the nails to the end.

Only by "seeing the bottom" can "effectiveness" be achieved, and only by being pragmatic can "abstinence from deficiency" be achieved. Only by implementing precise policies and targeted treatment can we truly win the tough and protracted battle of style building.

  To consolidate the effectiveness of reducing the burden on the grassroots level, we must work hard to improve the long-term mechanism, and normalization and mechanism construction are the next key efforts.

The top-level design is clear and clear, and only when it is implemented can it be accurately in place and not out of shape.

Last year, a total of 47 items were included in the inspection and assessment plans of central and state organs, a decrease of 94.8% from the nearly 900 items in 2018.

It is this top-down, top-down mechanism optimization that has firmly maintained the hard levers of reducing the text and coordinating the supervision and inspection.

To consolidate the effectiveness of reducing the burden at the grassroots level, it is necessary to strengthen normal supervision and establish a positive incentive system that advocates hard work, drives responsibility, and cheers.

  By reducing unnecessary meetings, the time to solve practical problems can be increased, and the tedious forms, WeChat groups, and "superficial articles" can be reduced, and opportunities to do practical work and experience on the front line can be increased.

A good style is productivity and centripetal force.

Over the past year, whether it is to rectify the "fingertip" crooked trend, to put an end to the nominal "long" following the trend, and to standardize the evaluation, assessment and inspection of village-level organizations, it is all to let grass-roots cadres unload their burdens and move forward lightly.

To expand the effectiveness of reducing the burden at the grassroots level, we must focus on the long-term, do solid work, and encourage grassroots cadres to do more things that the masses can see, touch, and benefit from.


  (作者: 洪乐风)