At the end of the semester, many parents like to post their children's transcripts and certificates of merit. One parent posted that their baby "doesn't take the usual path". Ms. Wang, the parent of a first-year student at Jiaxing Nanhu International Experimental School, posted her daughter's vision in the circle of friends. Both eyes are 5.2!

The accompanying text said: "The whole screen is full of awards. I think my family is most worthy of showing off, that is, eyesight. I hope you can maintain this as always in the next few years." Unexpectedly, this caused a circle of friends. Envy, there are parents to learn from Ms. Wang.

  It's really hard to maintain good eyesight under academic pressure.

How should parents view the relationship between children's academics and vision?

The commentators of Qianjiang Evening News Hourly News have something to say-

  Don't let your child lose at the healthy starting line

  Chen Jiang, commentator of this newspaper: The alternative transcripts posted by the mothers of the first-year children have attracted exclamations because there is a worrying reality behind them: the myopia rate of primary and secondary school students in my country has been on the high side in recent years.

  There are many reasons for inducing myopia, mainly due to heavy schoolwork burden or prolonged use of electronic products and overuse of the eyes.

Good eyesight, in addition to genetic factors, is mostly due to good eye habits, proper allocation of study and entertainment time, and relatively relaxed happy time.

Most of these children's families have gotten rid of the tendency to only focus on intellectual education, and have a relatively healthy growth outlook.

  In fact, saying "you can't lose at the starting line" will only make your child lose at a healthy starting line, don't believe it.

Please return the happy childhood to your children and encourage them to go outdoors, embrace nature, watch the blue sky and clear water, and listen to the singing of birds.

Children's bright future is inseparable from bright eyes.

  Good eyesight is praised, inseparable from "double minus"

  Gao Lu, commentator of this newspaper: Parents have posted their eyesight list, which has attracted so many parents' praise and envy.

This is a welcome change, and this transformation is inseparable from the implementation of the "double reduction".

  The myopia rate reflects the homework burden of primary and secondary school students to a certain extent.

my country is a country with a very high rate of myopia, and many people have already worn glasses in junior high school or even elementary school.

The high-intensity study of reading and studying hard, and the crowded time for exercise and rest will definitely have an impact on the healthy growth of children. Myopia is only one of the results.

  Since the implementation of the "double reduction", the ice that has plagued compulsory education for many years has loosened, and more parents have begun to consider the healthy growth of their children and face their children's academic performance more rationally.

Obviously, this will push the whole society to form a healthy view of education.