Louis de Raguenel 07:48, January 26, 2022

The two heads of state met Monday evening in Berlin to discuss, among other things, the Ukrainian crisis.

Faced with American procrastination, Emmanuel Macron is trying to bring out a European exit route with the help of his German counterpart, who is more cautious on the subject.

So far, diplomacy has failed to ease the growing tension between Russia on one side and the Europeans and Americans on the other.

Moscow continues its military maneuvers near the Ukrainian border.

Washington gives the impression of procrastinating, while Europe is struggling to agree.

Monday evening, in Berlin, the Russian threat occupied most of the conversation between Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

A one-hour one-on-one and several challenges for the Head of State.


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First, make things follow each other.

The French position, that is to say the capacity to envisage sanctions against Russia, to name them, but above all the capacity to implement them if the situation degenerates.

So in detail, the French president tried to convince his counterpart of the impasse in which the United States finds itself, which no longer believes in a diplomatic solution.

Show that Europe can be sovereign

Emmanuel Macron, he made the proposal to be an essential player in the possible outcome of this crisis by reforming a Franco-German couple in unison, leader within the European Union.

With the objective of trying to show that Europe can be political and sovereign.

The sovereignty of the European Union, a concept to which the French president is very attached, but which is producing little effect for the moment.


 Macron-Scholz meeting: the Franco-German couple united in the face of the Ukrainian crisis

The problem is that Scholz is at the head of a very divided coalition on Russia, with in particular some of his supporters who do not believe for a moment in the Russian threat.

Emmanuel Macron therefore tried to convince him using domestic political arguments.

Finally, the French president will discuss with Vladimir Putin this Friday.

The test of truth for Emmanuel Macron.

The Ukrainian crisis will also be at the heart of a defense council scheduled for Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. at the Elysée.