Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen, who chairs the ASEAN-Association of Southeast Asian Nations, met online with the top Myanmar military leader who took control in the coup d'etat, and renewed the implementation of the five items agreed in ASEAN, such as the immediate suspension of violence. I asked.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen met online with Myanmar Army Commander Min Aung Hlaing on the 26th.

Prime Minister Hun Sen will visit Myanmar from the 7th to the 8th of this month to meet with the commander, but according to the announcement of the Cambodian government following the meeting on the 26th, Hun Sen is now in Myanmar. He also expressed deep concern about the ongoing violence.

On top of that, Prime Minister Hun Sen reiterated the commander's request to implement five items, such as

the immediate suspension of violence and

the acceptance of dispatch of special envoys to mediate dialogue

, which ASEAN agreed in April last year .

ASEAN does not allow the commander to attend the summit because the military continues to crack down on the pro-democracy, but Prime Minister Hun Sen has expressed his intention to return Myanmar to the summit. rice field.

However, as Indonesia and Singapore argued that the commander's attendance at the summit should not be allowed unless progress is made in five items, Prime Minister Hun Sen also stepped up to the military side to accept the ASEAN agreement. It is an imminent shape.

Myanmar Army Top "Do your best to cooperate with ASEAN"