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"Snaa Al-Dafa", "Set and Cover", "Housing and Warm", and "A safe and warm winter"... There are many names and one goal for intensive charitable movements in the recent period in Egypt in order to save those affected by frost and cold, according to what was monitored. .

The cold weather wave has reached unprecedented rates recently in the country, according to unofficial estimates.

"Dafa Makers" charitable campaigns in Egypt to confront the cold weather (Al-Jazeera)

"Makers of warmth"

The "Snaa Al-Khair for Development" Foundation intensified the activities of its most famous initiative, "Snaa Al-Dafa", and distributed "blankets" (winter blankets) to the coldest areas of the republic.

The initiative, according to an official statement, reached the Egyptian regions most affected by frost and cold, which are the valleys of Saint Catherine in South Sinai, in an attempt to confront the wave of very cold weather, as the temperature reached 6 degrees below zero.

According to press statements, the Executive Director of Makers of Good Hani Abdel-Fattah confirmed that the "Dafa Makers" initiative has entered its third year in a row, in cooperation with more than two thousand small NGOs.

The initiative aims to distribute 30,000 "blankets" to unable families in hamlets, villages, and Bedouin, desert and border communities in the face of the harsh winter, especially with the continuing crisis of the spread of the Corona virus.

The "Decent Life" initiative announced the distribution of winter blankets in the villages of Nasr Al Nuba Center (Al Jazeera)

"Safe winter"

The "Decent Life" initiative raised the slogan "Safe Winter" to face the cold weather in the country, and the initiative's official page on Facebook published the steps it had recently completed in Aswan Governorate.

The initiative announced the distribution of winter blankets in the villages of Nasr Al Nuba Center through the Foundation's field coordinator and field teams of volunteers in the villages of: Al-Amal, Al-Hikma, Al-Karama, Al-Bara`em, Al-Manar, Khairit 2, Khairit 1, Armna, Onaiba, Sina in Unaiba, Musmus, Ibraim and Al-Jazeera.

Emphasizing that the goal of distributing the "blankets" is "a safe winter for our people in Aswan."

Volunteers launched a campaign entitled "Warm Winter" in Qalyubia Governorate, as part of the "Decent Life" initiative.

According to media reports, 300 quilts were recently distributed to the simple people who are unable to cope with the waves of cold and frost.

jacket and warmth

The Orman Association, one of the famous associations in social work in Egypt, launched a campaign under the title "Screen and Weave", to collect financial donations to face the harsh winter cold.

It intensified its campaign activities on its official electronic platforms, including its Facebook account.

She indicated that it distributes between 250,000 and 300,000 "blankets" annually to the needy.

She explained that the cost of protecting an entire family from the cold in the "Skin and Warm" campaign costs 3750 pounds, whether in installments up to 15 months or direct payment, in order to distribute "a blanket, a quilt, and the installation of a roof, a door and a window for the damaged houses."

The Orman Society Projects Office in Menoufia Governorate (north of Cairo) recently distributed 1,500 "quilts and blankets" to the most vulnerable families in 18 villages.

"cover and cover"

Under the slogan "cover and cover", the "Ammar Al-Ard" Foundation launched its project to build roofs and distribute blankets to poor families under the patronage of the young preacher Mustafa Hosni.

The Foundation clarified a number of ways to donate financially to meet the needs of "tens of thousands of families who live in houses whose roofs are made of reeds and palm leaves that do not protect against rain, insects or hail," according to the foundation's official page.

"Residence and Warmth"

The "Misr Al Khair" Foundation - one of the prominent charitable associations in Egypt - revealed the activities of the "Sakkan Wa Dafa" campaign to face the cold weather in the country.

The Foundation called on Egyptians to donate to face a winter in which every day is more difficult before it until thousands of families survive the cold wave, according to a statement on its official page.

The donation share in the "Sakkan Wadfa" campaign is 200 pounds to buy a "blanket or quilt" for those affected by the cold wave.

"Dahr and Aman"

Under the slogan "Dahr and Aman Min Zaman", the Egyptian Red Crescent Society intensified its campaign to support families affected by the winter.

The association announced - through its official account on Facebook - phone numbers and ways to receive donations to provide blankets and winter clothing for the needy.