“Michel Lariv draws the attention of the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs to the need for France to withdraw from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the only unified military alliance in the world,” the parliamentarian said.

According to him, NATO should have disappeared after the end of the Cold War.

Instead, the bloc has continued to expand over the past 30 years.

The politician recalled that the military alliance carried out operations, including in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Libya, and these actions did not guarantee either peace in the world or the security of France.

Now NATO is "setting its sights" on China, a country it considers a "systemic challenge," Lariv said.

He also noted that the alliance follows the priorities set by Washington, but Paris does not share them.

“France is not at all interested in joining a militant bloc directed against China and Russia.

On the contrary, France is interested in speaking with its own voice,” Lariv added.

Against this background, he asked Le Drian how France could "reconcile" the creation of a European defense policy with the integration of the same European armies into NATO under the leadership of the United States.

According to Lariv, since the appearance of the corresponding concept, the United States "endlessly tries to frustrate any attempts to build a European strategic autonomy."

In September 2021, the US, UK and Australia announced the creation of the AUKUS defense alliance.

Within its framework, Washington undertakes to transfer technology to Canberra for the construction of its own nuclear submarines, as well as American cruise missiles.

In this regard, Australia canceled a €56 billion contract for the supply of 12 French Attack-class attack submarines.

In France, criticized the actions of partners.

Thus, Foreign Minister Le Drian called their policy a "stab in the back", emphasizing that "the allies do not behave like that." 

In early 2021, French leader Emmanuel Macron said that the North Atlantic Alliance had lost its relevance.

In this regard, the president expressed the opinion that Europe should independently protect its interests, and not delegate defense issues to NATO.