China News Service, January 25th. The Ministry of Civil Affairs held a regular press conference for the first quarter on the 25th. Spokesman Jia Weizhou said in announcing key tasks that he would continue to do a good job in the pilot reform of marriage customs, and increase the support for sky-high betrothal gifts and vulgar marriages. The rectification of unhealthy winds.

  Jia Weizhou pointed out that in terms of social affairs management, we will continue to do a good job in winter special relief work for homeless and beggars, and guide all localities to cooperate with Beijing and Hebei Province to do a good job of relief management during the Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics.

  In addition, a notice related to the Qingming Festival sacrificial sweeping work was issued to advocate a civilized and low-carbon sacrificial sweeping.

Improve the construction of the national basic funeral information database.

Strengthen the normalization and safety management of epidemic prevention and control in funeral service institutions.

  Jia Weizhou said that he will continue to do a good job in the pilot reform of marriage customs, and increase the rectification of unhealthy customs such as sky-high bride price gifts and vulgar marriage troubles.

Relying on the marriage registration authority to establish and improve a one-stop marriage and family service mechanism, deepen the work of marriage and family counseling.

  In addition, it will also promote the establishment of a dynamic adjustment mechanism for the two subsidies for the disabled at the local level, and comprehensively implement the "cross-province handling" of the two subsidies for the disabled.

Research and carry out special campaigns for community-based rehabilitation services for mental disorders.

Carry out the second batch of national comprehensive innovation pilots of assistive devices for rehabilitation, and carry out the evaluation of the pilot project of community leasing of assistive devices for rehabilitation.