Chinese professor Chen Gang was interviewed for the first time on the "espionage" accusation case: the experience of the past year has made me deeply disillusioned

  [Global Times Comprehensive Report] "'We are killing ourselves': The anger and disillusionment behind the case of Chinese professor Chen Gang" - "The New York Times" published an interview with Chen Gang, a famous professor in the field of heat conduction at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on the 24th, United States The Justice Department on January 20 dropped charges that it "concealed ties to China" in its application for U.S. government research funding.

Chen Gang revealed that in September last year, U.S. prosecutors offered him a deal: the government would drop criminal charges against him in exchange for him admitting "some ties to China," but he turned it down.

  Gang Chen, who has returned to MIT, said he was deeply disillusioned by the experience of the past year.

"You work hard, you get results, you build a reputation. The government gets what they want. But in the end, you're being treated as a spy. It's heartbreaking." He said he is currently not interested in research funding from the U.S. government. .

He called on Congress and the Justice Department to review his case and hold prosecution participants accountable.