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one wonders when the local politicians in Frankfurt City Hall will finally wake up.

Companies now announce that they are leaving the Main metropolis almost every month.

This time it's a company that not many will know about, Biospring, a spin-off from Goethe University with 350 employees specializing in DNA snippets.

The company keeps its headquarters in Frankfurt (for the time being?), but opens the next production facility in Offenbach, where the large valve manufacturer Samson is already moving.

Manfred Koehler

Head of department of the Rhein-Main editorial team of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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Offenbach should not begrudge this success without further ado, the neighboring city of Frankfurt is clearly on the run.

In fact, the crisis-ridden city urgently needs to create jobs.

But the fact that Frankfurt has to let one company after the other go more or less without a fight is annoying.

It would be better if the cities in the metropolitan area acquired growing companies from other regions.

In any case, the competition between the economic centers in the Rhine-Main area is more and more lost sight of.

Briefly on Corona: Woolworth now simply does what it wants. As is well known, 2 G applies to retail in Hesse, so unvaccinated people have to stay outside, but the retail chain has now decided for its five branches in Hesse to forgo any controls. In some other federal states, the requirement was finally overturned by courts, the reasoning is said. Now one can actually have doubts as to whether 2G is necessary in retail. But the fact that everyone creates their own rules is not the solution either. - The seven-day incidence in Hesse is 938, with Wiesbaden at the top with 1450.

And the Rhein-Main-Zeitung also takes a look and deals with the question of how the pharmaceutical and chemical company IG Farben continued after it was broken up after the war +++ "Vernichten" by Michel Houellebecq is the best-selling book in the Region +++ a young person was fatally injured by an electric shock while climbing on a catenary mast at the train station in Friedrichsdorf.

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for Tuesday

Fog all day, the sun hardly shows itself.

Still foggy at night with minus one degree.

Hardly any changes on Wednesday.




Christiane Stapp-Osterod

, managing director of the start-up consultancy Jumpp-Frauenbetriebe, Frankfurt (62);

Monika Böttcher

(independent), mayor of the city of Maintal (54);

Mike Josef

(SPD), Head of Department of the City of Frankfurt, Chairman of the Frankfurt SPD (39);

Sebastian Wysocki

(CDU), first city councilor in Bad Vilbel, parliamentary group leader in the district council of Wetterau (37);

Marco Koch

, swimmer at SG Frankfurt, former world champion over 200 meters breaststroke (32).