• Analysis The frogs that the Infanta Cristina swallowed by Iñaki Urdangarin, her "blue-eyed" prince

  • Scandal The interview of Ainhoa ​​Armentia, Urdangarin's friend, to a media outlet from Álava: "Enjoying it to the fullest..."

There is no talk of anything else. The


of Iñaki Urdangarin

with Ainhoa ​​Armentia

walking hand in hand on a beach in Bidart have literally gone

around the world.

Since the magazine


published the exclusive that has dynamited the news of the social chronicle, everything that surrounds the protagonists of the snapshots, present, past and future, is being

analyzed and commented

on by different media outlets. all kinds, not just social chronicle.

Just a few days after learning about this new relationship, which has put the former athlete's marriage to the

Infanta Cristina in check,

some supposed

new images

of Iñaki and Ainhoa, which have not yet seen the light, have added fuel to the fire at present of the situation.

As reported on the television program

Viva la vida,

there are some

photographs of both of them from last summer


Some images that, although they could not be broadcast, due to not reaching an

economic agreement

with the suppliers of the material, the program team was able to view, telling the audience

details of its content.

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In the report you can see, as shared by Emma García and several of the collaborators, Urgandarin and Armentia

enjoying a day at the beach

with a bath included as if they were a normal couple. Regardless of being

in a public place

surrounded by bathers and vacationers. An attitude that casts doubt on whether the couple was surprised after finding out about their relationship, and that raises

new questions

about Iñaki and Ainhoa's last meetings with their

respective families

before they publicly met.

This being the case, and with the delicate horizon that arises for the personal environments of the administrator and the adviser of Imaz Abogados, Ainhoa

has broken her silence in

front of the media

for the first time

and after facing her toughest weekend due to the comments.

Iñaki's special friend spoke to the microphones to make a

clear request to the media

that does not leave her in the sun or shadow in her daily chores:

"I ask you to please respect the privacy of my family".

A claim that highlights the difficult times that those closest to Ainhoa ​​are going through, especially her husband with whom she has two children in common.

Conforms to The Trust Project criteria

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