The motto that Joseph Ratzinger once chose as Archbishop of Munich and Freising proves to be downright providential up to the biblical old age: because whoever is (only) a “collaborator (!) of the truth” can and may also make mistakes undermine

Whether this also includes untruthful claims, such as the statement that all women would have an abortion who had received a counseling certificate, or the retouching of an older, no longer "correct" text for the work edition, which was carried out against all scientific standards, or the most recent volte, after he was present in a meeting in which he did not take part, although he was present - Benedict's successor Francis would not be the last to feel "mercy".

However, this was not and is not always and everywhere available at the same time.

Whoever – as also emerges from the most recent Munich report on abuse in the church – committed sexual violence as a layperson was consistently held accountable.

In the case of priests, even a state court recognized pedophilia as reducing the sentence.

And to this day, bishops as employers insist that the private lifestyle of church and Caritas employees has to be “Catholic”.

Aren't they more Catholic than the staff pope?

And doesn't truth make you free, as the New Testament says?