Victor Chabert 07:44, January 24, 2022

After Jérôme Rivière, it was the lawyer and MEP elected under the RN label, Gilbert Collard, who joined Eric Zemmour's candidacy for the presidential election.

But the candidate of the Reconquest party also intends to rally Republicans, and puts down Valérie Pécresse in the polls to finish convincing them.

Eric Zemmour is garnering new support a few weeks before the presidential election.

After Jérôme Rivière, it was the lawyer and MEP elected under the label RN Gilbert Collard who joined the candidacy of the former journalist from

Le Figaro.

But if the latter wishes to unite LR and RN, for the moment the rallies come rather from the side of the RN.

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In the entourage of the candidate, it is precisely ensured that the rallies are in a hurry.

And especially on the side of the Republicans, who would now have the main problem of finding the right timing to announce them.

But for the time being, no other leading LR personality, apart from Guillaume Peltier, has taken the plunge. 

The month of curve inversion for Zemmour

On the side of the Republicans, moreover, we want to be calm and we are not afraid of defections.

Valérie Pécresse remains quite high in the polls and this is an important element because if she drops, executives could be tempted to join Eric Zemmour.

This is also the bet of the strategists of Reconquest: for them, Valérie Pécresse will drop in the polls, and on the Marine Le Pen side, the rallyings coming from her camp will weaken her.


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However, it only takes a few points for them to pass in front of the LR and RN candidates, and the voters are very volatile.

Proof of the confidence that reigns in the Zemmour camp - after a rather successful campaign weekend, an uneventful walkabout and a meeting in front of 4,000 people in Cannes - it is believed that the month of February will be the month of inversion curves.