Lithuanian rum is several times more expensive to resell to Taiwan

  [Global Times Comprehensive Report] Lithuanian rum, which was refused to unload by mainland ports, is about to be sold on the island, and the price is several times higher than the price on the mainland, causing strong doubts.

  According to a report by Taiwan's United News Network on the 23rd, the Lithuanian dark rum that just entered Taiwan was printed with a simplified bottle label (left), and Taiwan Wine Company reposted it as a traditional bottle label (right).

The first batch of 6,000 bottles will be sold at a price of NT$600 (about 137 yuan) per bottle and will be sold on the first day of the Chinese New Year.

It is said that Taiwan received 20,000 bottles of Lithuanian rum this time.

However, some people noticed that the price of the same style of rum on the mainland's e-commerce platform is only 31 yuan, causing many netizens on the island to criticize: "Use taxpayers' money to buy alcohol that the mainland doesn't want", "Sell Taiwan at a high price" people, or to send them to officials?"

  Last year, Lithuania agreed to the Taiwan authorities to set up a local representative office in the name of "Taiwan", which was strongly opposed by the mainland.

Lithuanian National Radio and Television said on the 22nd that in December 2021, Lithuania's exports to the mainland "almost completely collapsed".

According to customs data released by the mainland on January 20, Lithuania's exports to the mainland in December last year fell by 91.1% compared with November.

Reuters said that German companies are pressing Lithuania to back down after strong demands from the mainland.

  "Taiwan has become a hot potato again", "China Times" analyzed this topic on the 23rd, saying that Lithuania is now in an embarrassing situation. The EU only supports verbally, but keeps lobbying it to make adjustments in private. Large European companies are also constantly asking Lithuania. Politicians have pressured it to change course, and even US diplomats are now rumoured to be asking Lithuania to change the name of the representative office.

The countermeasures to be taken by the mainland continue to escalate, and accordingly the United States has to deal with more and more troubles, which instead interferes with the realization of its strategic intentions. "As the initiator of the Tsai government, it is now gradually becoming the eyes of Europe and even the United States. Hot Potato".

(Cheng Dong)