“The court ruled: to sentence Vlasov to imprisonment in a colony for a period of ten years of a strict regime, Karelin - eight years, Kapyshkin - eight years of a strict regime ... Obolensky - nine years in a colony ... Urusov - nine years ... Margiev “8.5 years of strict regime,” the judge said.

Dmitry Kazantsev was sentenced to 9.5 years with a fine of 400 thousand, and Dmitry Chikvin was sentenced to 8 years in prison with a fine of 300 thousand.

It is noted that in total, at least nine criminals participated in the June 2019 robbery, according to investigators, but eight people are involved in the present case.

Four of them are fighters of the Alpha and Vympel special forces, two more are employees of the K department of the FSB of Russia.

In July 2019, an employee of the Alpha special unit, Roman Obolensky, who was detained for robbery, revealed the details of the crime.

According to him, out of the stolen 136 million rubles, he received 4 million.

Obolensky explained that he "had a choice - to take or not to take" the money, and noted that he took and "is to blame for this."

Lawyer Boris Belyk said in court that his client Obolensky partially admitted his guilt, because he was not privy to the circumstances of the robbery operation.

On July 17 of the same year, it became known that FSB officer Artur Vlasov, who is a defendant in the robbery case, appeared at the investigating authorities and issued a confession, and also partially compensated for the damage.