The Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching, and Bill Gates, co-chairman of the Gates Foundation, released a video on January 23 to celebrate the New Year.

  In the video, Bill Gates wishes all Chinese "Happy Chinese New Year".

Gates said in the video that since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, China has not only actively controlled the local epidemic, but also provided other countries with a variety of material assistance, including high-quality vaccines, to help the global fight against the epidemic.

  Gates said that in the challenging 2021, the Gates Foundation will work closely with Chinese partners to fight the new crown, support African countries to prevent and control malaria, strengthen health systems, and help more people in China and around the world benefit from saving lives gratifying progress has been made in innovation.

  Gates said he is very much looking forward to traveling to China again and seeing the exciting work for himself.

  Gates finally wished the Chinese people a wonderful holiday and a healthy and happy New Year.

  (The video of Liu Peng produced by reporter Zhang Huandi comes from the Gates Foundation)

Responsible editor: [Ji Xiang]