- It is a critical situation, where we do not have the airports and the infrastructure we need, says Sofie Hagman, CEO and operations manager at Jönköping airport.

Hear her tell more in the clip above

In 2018, the regional airports conducted an investigation that pointed to the need for state aid.

Among other things, it is pointed out that the non-state airports themselves may deal with any losses, but do not receive part of the surpluses that they are involved in and generate.

The investigation was sent to the government, but the airports have not received any response from the responsible Minister of Infrastructure, Tomas Eneroth.

Not a municipal matter

- SEK 300 to 400 million is missing for the regional airport side, says Ulf Axelsson, CEO of Växjö Småland Airport.

- We have a need in our elongated country of airports for ambulance flights, rescue services and the police.

It is not just a municipal issue.

The network should be seen from a larger perspective, says Sofie Hagman.

Minister responsible, Infrastructure Minister Tomas Eneroth (S), says in an interview with SVT that the government has already given the airports a record amount of money.

At the same time, he opens up for further support.

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Ronny Lindberg and Ulf Axelsson are CEOs of the airports in Kalmar and Växjö respectively.

They demand that the state invest money to guarantee the airports' operations.

Photo: SVT