In addition to monitoring and hot searches, how can more "invisible domestic violence" be dealt with in accordance with the law?

  Ban Yue Tan commentator Zhang Ziqing

  Recently, a video of a man in Shaanxi performing domestic violence in front of his wife in front of his child was spread on the Internet, triggering strong condemnation from the whole society for domestic violence. The local police also responded quickly and launched an investigation.

  The reason why this domestic violence incident was able to be searched and dealt with quickly was more due to the visual impact brought by home surveillance records.

Every brutal and violent punch and every heart-wrenching slap were recorded truthfully, leaving the perpetrator nowhere to hide and shocking the audience.

The terrified children, helpless wives, and brutal husbands in the surveillance pictures may be the epitome of every domestic violence incident, but at present, the number of families with surveillance surveillance in my country is still a minority. How many victims are being shrouded in the shadow of domestic violence, and how many children have suffered serious psychological trauma after witnessing domestic violence.

  Domestic violence must not be tolerated.

The "Guidelines for the Trial of Marriage Cases Involving Domestic Violence" issued by the Supreme Court of my country pointed out that in addition to physical violence, domestic violence also includes mental violence, sexual violence and economic violence.

Sometimes domestic violence is invisible and cannot be seen. Outside of surveillance cameras and Internet voice platforms, there are still many victims who have not been noticed.

How to bring more "invisible domestic violence" to the surface and allow the perpetrators to be punished by the law requires the joint efforts of the whole society.

  The key to resisting domestic violence lies in the timely voice of the victims and their courageous rights protection.

At present, it is necessary to increase the publicity and popularization of domestic violence-related legal knowledge, so that more people can understand the method of judging domestic violence and the correct way to deal with domestic violence. The courage to raise legal weapons to defend your legitimate rights and interests.

Another key point is to break the backward traditional concept. Domestic violence is not a family matter. If anyone finds that there is a victim of domestic violence around him, he should not stand by and call the police in time to prevent the tragedy from happening.

Only in this way can more "invisible domestic violence" be dealt with in accordance with the law, and the wounded hearts can return to peace.