Apples are known to be healthy, but there are various theories about when to eat them.

Some say "golden apples in the morning and rotten apples in the evening", while others say "you can't eat fruit before and after meals, and fruit can only be eaten between meals". Different views make people feel confused.

  The so-called saying that fruits cannot be eaten before and after meals is mainly due to the special circumstances of some patients with gastrointestinal diseases.

For healthy people with good digestion, there is no reliable evidence that fruit is harmful to health, whether it is eaten as a cold dish, or before and after meals.

An experimental study found that eating apples containing 15 grams of carbohydrates 30 minutes before breakfast has the benefit of lowering postprandial blood sugar.

  GI value of apples before meals

  The most obvious decline

  Apple and rice at the same time ranked second

  To be fair, the comparison of blood sugar responses in this experiment was done on the basis of carbohydrates.

  The first group ate straight white rice with 50 grams of available carbohydrates.

  The second group ate an apple with 15 grams of available carbohydrates, along with rice.

However, this rice is reduced in quantity, 15 grams of available carbohydrates have been deducted, and the total carbohydrates are still the same, at 50 grams.

  The third group ate apples containing 15 grams of available carbohydrates, starting from the time of eating the apples, and then eating rice 30 minutes later.

This rice is also reduced in quantity, as much as the second set.

  The fourth group first drank sugar water containing 15 grams of available carbohydrates. The type and content of sugar were the same as 143 grams of apples, 8.3 grams of fructose and 6.7 grams of glucose.

Eat rice after 30 minutes. This rice is also reduced in quantity, as much as the second and third groups.

  The research results show that if the GI value of a meal is expressed, then eating rice is 82, eating rice and apples together is 64, and eating apples first is actually reduced to 40!

The effect of lowering blood sugar after meals is really a bit fierce.

The method of drinking sugar water first can also reduce the GI value to 69, but the effect of drinking sugar water is still far worse than eating apples.

  Oranges, apples and pears

  Apple has the most obvious hypoglycemic effect.

  Oranges are the weakest

  However, many people may ask: should you eat less rice if you eat apples?

Who can do it?

If I eat an apple before a meal and eat a bite of rice, will it still have this hypoglycemic effect?

Is it okay to eat pears?

Is it okay to eat oranges?













  4. For diabetic patients, food cannot be used as a substitute for drug treatment, but it is also necessary to adjust the dosage of drugs according to the effect of food.

When blood sugar levels drop after a meal, the amount of insulin and hypoglycemic drugs must be reduced, otherwise dangerous hypoglycemia reactions may occur.

  Text / Fan Zhihong (Director of the Chinese Nutrition Society, Chief Expert of Science Communication hired by the China Association for Science and Technology)