China News Service, January 21, according to foreign media reports, recently, American doctors published a study saying that two gene-edited pig kidneys were successfully transplanted in brain-dead people, which shows that xenotransplantation is a key to solving the global organ shortage crisis. can work.

  According to reports, in September 2021, Jim Parsons, an American man in his 50s, entered a state of brain death after suffering a head injury while participating in a dirt bike race.

With the support of his family, four days later, researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham performed a groundbreaking transplant on him.

Two pig kidneys have survived for more than 3 days.

  Jayme Locke, director of the Integrative Transplantation Institute in the Department of Surgery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and lead surgeon on the study, said this is an important moment in medical history and a major milestone in the field of xenotransplantation.

  It was previously reported that the University of Maryland in the United States had successfully transplanted a pig heart into the body of a heart patient, the world's first.