The world's first carrier that liquefies and carries hydrogen, which is expected to be the next-generation energy that does not emit carbon dioxide even when burned, has arrived from Japan to Australia.

A demonstration experiment to produce hydrogen from coal is underway at the site, and the carrier is expected to load liquefied hydrogen and return to Japan next month.

The world's first liquefied hydrogen carrier "Suiso Frontia" arrived at the port in Victoria, southeastern Australia, and a commemorative ceremony was held on the 21st. rice field.

Approximately 160 people from Japanese and Australian governments and businesses attended the ceremony, and Taylor Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister said, "Australia will lead the world in supplying new clean energy with its wonderful partner, Japan." I showed my expectations.

In the field, Japanese and Australian companies are collaborating to burn coal called "brown coal" and conduct a demonstration experiment to extract hydrogen.

When the extracted hydrogen is cooled to minus 253 degrees Celsius and liquefied, the volume will be reduced to 1/800 and mass transportation will be possible, so we are aiming for commercialization around 2030.

Hiroshi Kawasoe, director of the Melbourne office of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, said, "We want to use Japanese technology to create new energy in Australia, which has abundant resources, and contribute to global warming countermeasures."

The carrier loaded with liquefied hydrogen is expected to return to Japan next month.