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The Association of Hotel Businessmen of Madrid (AEHM) has delivered this Friday to the mayor,

José Luis Martínez-Almeida

, a diploma to recognize the support of the Consistory to the sector during the pandemic.

The alderman has said upon receiving the distinction that no help "

has been enough" to "keep up" with the hoteliers


Martínez-Almeida and the Delegate Councilor for Tourism, Almudena Maíllo, received this recognition at the AEHM stand at Fitur, in an act in which the president of the association, Gabriel Alonso,

thanked the mayor for his "undoubted" support and "constant"

from the City Council to hoteliers in a time of crisis that "we continue to drag" due to a pandemic that "has not yet abandoned us".

Alonso explained that, although precisely because of the pandemic the act has had to be reduced, that does not mean that

"it does not have a feeling of solemnity"

to convey "profound gratitude" to the City Council and its leaders.

"We felt listened to"

And what better setting than Fitur to recognize the work that the mayor and the Consistory have done, continued Alonso, who also wanted to highlight the fact that the municipal government has made "a reality" the

"approach to companies by taking into account our opinions at the time of making decisions"

, something that he has appreciated not only as a businessman but also as a citizen.

"We have felt close, close, and we have felt listened to. I think that this is a new style that is producing what we are seeing, a situation like the one in Madrid",

the "third city as a tourist destination" in Europe, the "great unfinished business"

that the Spanish capital had until now.

Alonso has also described as a "golden opportunity" the

Madrid Tourism by Ifema

platform launched by the Community of Madrid with the collaboration of Ifema,

and has added that hoteliers want to "be there".

Martínez-Almeida, for his part, recalled that on March 5, 2020 he was able to

"become aware"

that one of the sectors that would be most affected by the pandemic would be tourism after a meeting at City Hall with hoteliers.

"And indeed we adopted measures, but really, if you allow me to say it Gabriel, to you, and to all of you who are present here today, I sincerely believe that we have adopted measures, that we have been in constant dialogue, that we have done everything that has been in our hands,

but even that has not been enough to be up to your standards

", he stated.

"Three Decisions"

In line with this, he has highlighted that during the toughest stage of the pandemic, hoteliers made

"three decisions"

: "the first, not to come down, which was important";

"the second, to help the people of Madrid in everything that could be done";

and the third, "that you were not going to lower your guard but that you were willing to recover the future as soon as possible".

"I can only have words of thanks to a sector that has taken advantage of it during the pandemic

to either generate a new hotel plant in the city of Madrid" or to carry out renovation

and refurbishment works on the city's hotel establishments to generate infrastructures that "allowed us to compete in the global arena", he added.

Almeida has reiterated that he is "sure" that 2022 will be the year of the consolidation of tourism, and that "despite the uncertainty we are experiencing right now, that does not mean that

the data does not tell us that Madrid is currently one of the the four best urban tourist destinations in the world".

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