- We have absences from more or less at all preschools.

We can say that we have a fifty percent absence and that is serious, says Daniel Nordgren.

The municipality will temporarily close the leisure centers next week so that the staff there can help in socially important activities, such as preschool.

Turned to several administrations

They have also turned to other administrations within the municipality and asked for help.

- We have asked the question recently and so far we have received about 20 answers, then we will see if the response is greater, says Daniel Nordgren.

It can, for example, be about park workers being allowed to go in and work in preschool activities instead.

- It depends on what their situation looks like.

It takes certain things to be able to work at the preschool, for example a certificate from the debit register.

A shorter introduction is also required, of course, says Nordgren.

New quarantine rules can facilitate

On Thursday, new quarantine rules were presented.

Daniel Nordgren has difficulty answering how it will affect the situation.

- It is clear that we have staff who are healthy but must stay at home because their relatives are infected.

We will see how it will be, says Daniel Nordgren, deputy director of education for the preschool.

In the clip above, you can hear Daniel Nordgren tell more about the staff situation at preschools.