- We have had other tough peaks, but this is probably the toughest from a staffing perspective, says security manager Marcus Holmqvist who is part of the municipality's crisis management committee.

In some parts of Växjö municipality, the staff situation is very strained.

To ensure that the municipality can fulfill its mission, it has had to stop certain activities - for example, they have moved leisure staff to be able to keep the schools open.

Earlier this week, the municipality appealed to parents to keep their preschool children at home.

But the meal organization and social psychiatry in the municipality are also severely strained.

- We follow the situation all the time.

Some businesses have a 50 percent absence, says Marcus Holmqvist.

New rules

Växjö is not alone, around Sweden, socially important activities have difficulty managing their staffing due to the spread of corona and the quarantine rules that apply.

But yesterday came new rules on family quarantine - which shortens or removes the quarantine for employees.

- It is too early to say how this will affect.

We need to analyze it by next week.

But of course we go from seven to five days and those with milder symptoms come back into our business faster.