At a press conference, Foreign Minister Hayashi overlooked the situation in Ukraine, and Japan will pay close attention to the movements of the Russian army, respond in cooperation with the international community such as the G7 = seven major countries, and prepare for unforeseen circumstances. He expressed his intention to take all possible measures to ensure the safety of Ukraine.

In this, Foreign Minister Hayashi said, "Japan has consistently supported the unity of Ukraine's sovereignty and territory." I am concerned about the movement to strengthen the Russian army, and I would like to continue to cooperate with the G7 and other international communities to take appropriate measures. "

In addition, Minister Hayashi said about the response to Japanese people staying in Ukraine, "I issued" spot information "to call attention in a flash and called for preparations for unforeseen circumstances. I want to make every effort to ensure the safety of Ukraine. "

On the other hand, if Russia invades Ukraine, Japan may be in tune with the fact that the United States is imposing large-scale economic sanctions, while reporters asked, "Answer the hypothetical question. I would like to refrain from doing so, but we would like to respond appropriately. "