Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 20th Question: Firmly Persevere in the Protracted Battle for the Construction of Party Style and Clean Government and the Fight Against Corruption - From the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Wang Qi, Gao Lei, Fan Sixiang, Yang Zhanfei

  Grasp the laws of history and strengthen the body for the great self-revolution;

  Take the initiative in history and start a new chapter in the great social revolution.

  From January 18 to 20, the sixth plenary session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection was held in Beijing.

General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech, making a strategic plan for unremittingly advancing the comprehensive and strict governance of the party in depth.

  Keep in mind the original mission, strengthen political supervision, maintain anti-corruption determination, correct the "four winds" and establish new trends, improve the power supervision system and the discipline and law enforcement system... On the way to the new exam, the Plenum will put forward a new great project to promote the party building in the new era. A series of new measures, new arrangements and new requirements have been adopted.

On December 16, 2021, at the government service center of Bojing Village, Luzhai Town, Luzhai County, Guangxi, villagers learn to use the "Lianqing Station".

Guangxi Luzhai County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has explored a new "Internet" model of micro-power supervision, and built an "integrity post station" that integrates functions such as publicity of integrity knowledge, collection of integrity information, and all-weather online supervision. Villagers can conduct affairs in the village through their mobile phones. 24-hour "cloud supervision".

Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Xiaobang

  Keep in mind the original mission and create a new development

  A hundred years of party history is a great course of courageous self-revolution——

  From the investigation and punishment of Xie Busheng in 1932, Ruijin sounded the "first shot" to punish corruption, to the execution of Liu Qingshan and Zhang Zishan after the founding of the People's Republic of China, the "First Anti-Corruption Case of the Republic", to the unprecedented efforts in the new era to uphold discipline and anti-corruption, and promote comprehensive Strictly governing the party... It is precisely with the firm persistence of strictly governing the party that it will always be on the road, so that our party will remain unchanged, unchanged, and unfavorable, and won the heartfelt support of the broad masses of the people.

  At the plenary session of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, General Secretary Xi Jinping profoundly summed up the "key" of the party's prosperity over the past century: "Outside the party relies on developing people's democracy and accepting people's supervision; The truth, correction of mistakes, the courage to turn the blade inward, scrape the bone to heal the poison, ensure the party's longevity and continuous development and growth."

  Comprehensively and strictly governing the party is a great practice of the party's self-revolution in the new era, opening up a new realm of self-revolution for a century-old party.

  Take history as a mirror and create the future.

The communiqué of the plenary session announced on the 20th clearly stated that it is necessary to "deepen the use of the party's self-revolutionary historical experience, and consolidate and expand the achievements of party history learning and education."

  Xin Ming, a professor at the Central Party School (National School of Administration), believes that to consolidate and expand the achievements of party history learning and education, we must adhere to the fundamental political direction of the self-revolution led by the party's political construction, and temper the sharpness of the self-revolution of ideological construction. Ideological weapons, forging a team of cadres who dare to fight and self-revolution, build a system of self-purification, self-improvement, self-innovation, and self-improvement, ensure that our party will always maintain the true character of a Marxist party, and jump out of the historical cycle rate of the rise and fall of chaos , to become a Marxist party that will never be defeated or crushed.

  2022 is the year of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and a crucial year in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

The new mission and the new journey call on the majority of party members and cadres to be more firm and consciously remember the original mission, make good use of a hundred years of valuable experience, and continue to create a new situation of development.

  "No matter in the past, present or in the future, the glorious tradition and fine style of the party are the precious spiritual wealth that inspires us to brave the difficulties and move forward bravely." Xin Ming said, only by continuously enhancing the political consciousness, ideological consciousness and action of the whole party to be brave in self-revolution Consciousness, in order to maintain an indomitable fighting attitude and never slack mental state.

On March 28, 2021, the staff of the Disciplinary Inspection Commission of Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County, Hebei Province visited the edible fungus base in Longtan Village, Qinglong Town to learn about the implementation of the policy funds for strengthening and benefiting farmers.

Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Shiyao

  Focus on the "bigger of the country" and strengthen political supervision

  The plenum's communiqué placed political supervision at the top of the inspection and supervision work deployment in 2022, and pointed out that "focusing on the 'big man' to promote the specificization and normalization of political supervision".

  A clear-cut statement about politics is the foundation of the Communists, and it is also the prominent feature and advantage of our party as a Marxist party.

  Looking back on the past year, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the State Supervision Commission and the disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels have always adhered to political leadership. Wherever the major decisions of the Party Central Committee are deployed, supervision and inspection will follow up.

According to statistics, from January to October 2021, the national discipline inspection and supervision organs discovered and corrected 247,000 problems in the implementation of the important instructions and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the major decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee.

  In the face of the new situation and new tasks, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the plenary session: "We must strengthen political supervision to ensure complete, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept."

  "Focus on major strategies such as grasping the new development stage, implementing new development concepts, building a new development pattern, and promoting high-quality development." "Focusing on key tasks such as comprehensively deepening reform and opening up, promoting common prosperity, advancing scientific and technological self-reliance, and preventing and resolving major risks." The communique of the plenary meeting clarified the key points of political supervision of the inspection and supervision organs in the new year.

  "Political supervision is not vague and abstract, but concrete and practical, with clear goals and tasks and specific focus." Guo Yong, director of the Research Center for Integrity and Governance at Tsinghua University, said that discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels must have a profound understanding of Strengthen the strategic consideration of political supervision and the connotation of the times, conduct practical and detailed political supervision, guide and urge party members and cadres to truly understand the major policies and policies of the CPC Central Committee, keep in mind the "big man of the country", and always follow the Party Central Committee and implement the Party Central Committee in a down-to-earth manner. Decision to deploy.

On November 13, 2021, at the Jiazhang Village Committee of Wanling Town, Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County, Hainan Province, a disciplinary inspection and supervision cadre (first from the left) was looking up materials related to rural revitalization and village-level financial expenditure.

Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Guanyu

  Keep the horn of anti-corruption steady

  "We must be soberly aware that the battle of corruption and anti-corruption is still going on fiercely and showing some new phased characteristics."

General Secretary Xi Jinping used four "heavy tasks and a long way to go" to deeply analyze the new stage characteristics of the anti-corruption struggle: "There is still a long way to go to prevent all kinds of interest groups from forming groups and 'hunting' to corrode, and it is still a long way to effectively deal with the invisible mutation of corrupt means, renovation and upgrading. There is still a long way to go to completely eradicate the breeding ground for corruption and to clear the Haiyan River, as well as to clean up systemic corruption and resolve hidden risks.

  Jiang Laiyong, secretary-general and researcher of the China Integrity Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that the profound summary of the four "heavy tasks and a long way to go" shows that the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has always maintained a strong sense of urgency and has always been concerned about corruption, the biggest risk to the Party's governance. Be on high alert.

  In 2021, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the State Supervision Commission and the disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels will insist on the word "strict" in the first hand, fight corruption and punish evil with thunder, and systematically manage and control the "vast majority", and continue to deepen their efforts to not dare to corrupt or corrupt. We will push forward with the integration of punishment and deterrence, institutional restraint, and awareness-raising, so as to achieve greater institutional results and governance effects.

  Summarize good experiences and practices, and deal with new situations and new challenges.

The communiqué of the plenary meeting stated that it is necessary to "have no mercy on those who engage in political gangs, small circles, and interest groups within the party", "focus on investigating and punishing corrupt behaviors behind disorderly capital expansion and platform monopoly", "strict financial discipline, and promote prevention and resolution of local governments." Hidden government debt risks”, “Resolutely investigate and deal with corruption in infrastructure construction, public resource transactions, etc.”, “Explore the implementation of a 'blacklist' system for bribers,” etc.

  "The communique sets out the focus of anti-corruption work in 2022, which reflects the strong deterrent force of discipline inspection and supervision organs to keep punishing corruption, and the trend of unswervingly pushing the anti-corruption struggle in depth." Jiang Laiyong said.

  In recent years, it is not uncommon for young cadres to violate discipline and law, and some "post-80s" and even "post-90s" cadres have failed to hold the line of defense against corruption and change.

  At this plenary meeting, when it comes to the education management and supervision of young cadres, General Secretary Xi Jinping said: "Young cadres must have a clear understanding, often check the party's theory, line, principles and policies, the party constitution, party rules and discipline, and the original mission. Clear up whether some things should be done or not, and keep the line of defense against corruption and change."

  "Whether young cadres can be honest and self-disciplined is directly related to the future of the party and the country." Jiang Laiyong said that it is necessary to uphold the concept of strict management is love, and guide young cadres to be loyal and honest to the party, strengthen their ideals and beliefs, and keep in mind their original mission and mission. Correct treatment of power, self-respect at all times, strictly abide by the rules and regulations, and fasten the "first button" of honesty and politics.

On January 14, 2021, the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Guanyun County, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province held a clean government culture into the countryside at the local Meiyuan Cultural Square in Tongxing Town.

This is a clean government-themed paper-cut taken at the event site.

Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Bo

  Correct the "four winds" and create new winds for the benefit of the people

  Formalism and bureaucracy are the great enemies of the development of the Party and the country.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "We must start with leading cadres, especially major leading cadres, establish a correct view of political achievements, respect objective reality and the needs of the masses, strengthen systematic thinking and scientific planning, and do more for the benefit of the people. At the same time, the general secretary clearly requested that the relevant systems of cadre assessment and work inspection be implemented, scientific evaluation of cadres' political performance, and promotion of cadres to play a better role.

  To implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, the plenary communiqué stated that we should "continuously strengthen the eight dams stipulated by the central government, and unremittingly rectify corruption and unhealthy trends around the masses" and "pay close attention to the signs, tendencies and hidden problems of the 'four winds'" .

  Perseverance to correct the "four winds", filling the new wind of integrity and integrity.

  Data show that from January to November 2021, disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels investigated and dealt with 91,000 cases of "four winds", and criticized, educated, helped and dealt with 131,000 people.

  Education and medical care, pension and social security, ecological and environmental protection, production safety, food and drug safety and other fields are closely related to the masses, and the problems that exist in them are deeply hated by the masses.

The communiqué of the plenary session clearly stated that it is necessary to "investigate and deal with the problem of disorderly behavior that does not respect the law, the objective reality and the needs of the masses, as well as the problem of evasion, dereliction of duty, and inaction".

  "Whether the people's pain points, blockages, and difficulties can be effectively solved is directly related to the governance efficiency of work style construction." Zhuang Deshui, deputy director of the Research Center for Integrity Construction at Peking University, believes that we must pay attention to the unhealthy styles in these fields from a political perspective. Take the implementation of major decisions and deployments as the entry point for daily supervision, focus on early and small, prevent small ones, and at the same time, through special governance, realize the integrated promotion of correcting the "four winds" and anti-corruption, and use information technology, big data, etc. to implement the whole process, Supervise all links and scenes, severely punish unhealthy behaviors, and prevent unhealthy behaviors from turning into major corruption problems.

On September 1, 2021, the Incorrupt Government Literary and Art Propaganda Team of Gaohong Town, Lin'an District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province performed the short clip "Incorruptible Gao Hong" in Shimen Village.

Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Yu

  Improve the institutional system and deepen the coordination

  Small wisdom rules things, big wisdom rules systems.

To do a good job in discipline inspection and supervision, we must make good use of the power of the system.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in his important speech: "It is necessary to improve the power supervision system and the discipline and law enforcement system to make various supervision more standardized, more powerful and more effective."

  Analyzing the key points of work in 2022, the plenary meeting communiqué proposed that it is necessary to "improve the linkage pattern of inspections and inspections, and achieve high-quality and full-coverage goals and tasks", "promote the systematic integration, coordination and efficiency of the reform of the discipline inspection and supervision system, and promote the transformation of institutional advantages into governance efficiency."

  Inspection is a strategic institutional arrangement to strengthen inner-party supervision and a powerful tool for comprehensively and strictly governing the party.

In 2021, the two rounds of central inspections will cover a total of 57 party organizations.

So far, the 19th Central Inspection Tour has completed inspections of 254 local and unit party organizations, and solid progress has been made in the full coverage of inspections.

With the continuous deepening of comprehensive and strict governance of the party, the role of comprehensive supervision and the advantages of the system have become more and more obvious, which has become a full reflection of the party's leadership and political advantages in the field of supervision.

  "It is necessary to improve the power supervision system and the discipline enforcement system in accordance with the requirements of more standardized, powerful and effective goals." Ren Jianming, director of the Integrity Research and Education Center of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, believes that in the process of deepening the reform of the discipline inspection and supervision system and the reform of the judicial system It is necessary to effectively strengthen the restriction of power, solve the problem of "top-in-command" supervision and supervision at the same level, and continuously improve the supervision system of the party and the state.

  Formulate opinions on further strengthening disciplinary supervision, supervision and supervision, dispatch supervision, and inspection supervision, and form more than 40 institutional achievements with relevant units of the central and state organs in terms of information communication, handover of clues, and coordination of measures... In 2021, the central government The Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission adhere to system integration, coordination and efficiency, and continuously promote various types of supervision to form a synergy.

  In 2022, the communique of the plenary meeting proposed that "in accordance with the requirements of the party's unified leadership, comprehensive coverage, authority and efficiency, adhere to the leadership of intra-party supervision, implement dedicated supervision, and integrate all types of supervision."

  Ren Jianming believes that intra-party supervision must play a leading role, and at the same time, it is necessary to promote the coordination and coordination of intra-party supervision and other types of supervision, promote the formation of synergy, improve the socialist supervision system with Chinese characteristics, and further transform institutional advantages into governance effectiveness.