The Tjärnberg family is one of all families in Hudiksvall where the spread of infection has put the whole family in home quarantine.

The children and mother all feel healthy, but are still at home because they are covid-19 positive.

Only the husband is bedridden. 

- It will be a little difficult to get it together.

I have two healthy children at home and at the same time work remotely, says Anna Tjärnberg.

She believes that in normal cases when you are ill you do not work;

or that if you have sick children, the children are tired.

But now there is full activity on the children, at the same time as she has to do her job.

- Its a challenge.

It is not out of the question to close all schools

Jonas Holm (M) is chairman of the Learning Board for Hudiksvall municipality and is highly involved in decisions about school closures.

He says that it is a difficult decision to make.

- We look at how big the classes are, how many are infected, how many have symptoms, there are discussions with the infection control doctor, says Jonas Holm.

Now that the spread of infection is so extensive, one may wonder if it would not be as good to close all schools.

Jonas Holm admits that it is an alternative in the toolbox, but that it would have many negative consequences.

- The staffing is important to us, not only the staffing in the schools but in the whole society and closing entire schools has such consequences, says Jonas Holm.