Even if several cadors of the circuit (the leader of the general classification, the Norwegian Marte Olsbu Roeiseland, or the Swedish sisters Elvira and Hanna Oeberg) skipped this last weekend of competition before the Olympics, this French double still demonstrates once the strong medal potential of Les Bleues as the departure for China is fast approaching.

For Braisaz-Bouchet, the success acquired on the Italian track put an end to a long cycle of results.

The biathlete from Les Saisies (25) had not won for more than two years (the Individual of Ostersund in Sweden, December 5, 2019) and she had the good idea not to stretch this interminable period even more. of scarcity.

We knew the Frenchwoman was very fast on skis but this time she was able to remain calm and composed on the shooting range (19/20) to dominate her rivals and afford the 3rd victory of her career.

With Braisaz-Bouchet, the balance is always very fragile and nothing says that it will not fall back into its faults during the big Olympic meeting.

But she claims to be "on the right track", especially with a rifle.

"I fought"

"It's an immense joy, she said. The idea was to smooth the effort, to be present only on the mat and to keep a maximum of lucidity on the shooting range. I fought with the conditions and the emotions of the day. The Individual is a race that suits me. I'm more focused on what I'm doing, what I don't have the luxury of living in head-to-head races where everything goes very quickly and where we are in contact with the opponent. We had to be patient."

"I felt capable of winning this race and it gave me the energy to be focused today," she added.

Julia Simon confirms for her part her current good dispositions.

After a catastrophic start, the Frenchwoman, also from the resort of Les Saisies (25 years old), recovered well from the Grand-Bornand stage in mid-December and recorded her fourth podium of the season despite two errors. at the rifle.

The French Justine Braisaz-Bouchet, launched towards her victory in the Individual (15 km) of Anterselva (Italy), counting for the Biathlon World Cup, January 21, 2022 Marco BERTORELLO AFP

"I'm satisfied even if there is a little disappointment, she explained. I thought it was good but I came across stronger than me. But I'm becoming more and more regular so it's cool. I'm getting better and better at shooting and I'm becoming a biathlete, not a trap-ball shooter. All the hard work over the past two years is starting to pay off."

There is still a relay on Saturday then a mass start on Sunday to keep this great French momentum before switching to the Olympics.

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