- The Swedish Maritime Administration's helicopter is there and picks up people.

It is in the middle of the strait, said Fredrik Strömbäck, communicator at the Swedish Maritime Administration, to TT at 22 o'clock.

The alarm from the ship, which is Norwegian-flagged, came just before 9 pm. Five people were on board.

By 10.30 pm, the helicopter had picked them all up and was on its way with them to Sweden for treatment.

- The helicopter picked up two from the ship and three from a life raft.

So it has gone just as it should.

Is the operation at sea off completed?

- The ship remains as far as I understand.

It is in Danish water, says Strömbäck.

According to Emma Nykvist, deputy sea rescue leader, those involved survived without serious injuries.

- As far as we know, they are fine and are well maintained under the circumstances, she says to Sydsvenskan.

The probable explanation for the tilt is that the load has overturned or moved.

- It has been very hard weather, with strong winds and strong waves, which has caused the load to shift, Nykvist tells the newspaper.