From 7 to 18 March

«Emirates Education» decides the end of the second semester exam for the 12th grade

The grading scale varies according to the educational path.

From the source

The Emirates Foundation for School Education decided that the 12th grade students in government schools will take final exams at the end of the second semester, for which the "time programming" for the same semester has been set for the period from the seventh of next March to the 18th of the same month.

The institution adjusted the evaluation weights for the 12 students to be 30% for the formative test, distributed as 10% for each semester, and 70% for the quarterly exams, distributed as 15% for the first semester, 30% for the second semester, and 25% for the third semester, pointing out that the lessons scheduled for the final evaluation of the semester , for grades 1 through 12, are the same as the lessons for the same semester.

In the guide “Student Assessment Policy and Examination Assessment Controls for the Academic Year 2022/2021” - Second Edition, the Foundation clarified that calculating the student’s grades in the Certificate of Study Completion for the 12th grade is carried out according to five steps. First, the degree of the subject at the end of the academic year is calculated from the semester weights The three are for the formative and summative assessments, and secondly, the student’s total grades are the grades obtained from the “A” group subjects, which appear as “number” and “letter” in the certificate, and thirdly, the student’s average is extracted from dividing the total by the number of “A” subjects, and fourthly subject to Group "B" subjects for standardized central assessments, and are evaluated by letters and have no grades, and are not included in the total. Fifth, the scale of grade distribution varies according to the educational path, and appears at the bottom of the certificate.

The institution clarified in the guide that the final evaluation (the end of the semester) requires the student to actually attend the educational institutions, according to the eighth version of the national protocol for the operation of educational facilities during the “Covid-19” pandemic, pointing out that the student (from the fourth grade until the 12th) has the right to attend. One chance to take the re-examination, and it remains to repeat the class in the event that he did not pass any of the subjects in group “A” after the re-examination.

Regarding calculating the score of the re-exam for grades four to 12, the Foundation said that the minimum score in the re-exam is calculated regardless of what the student has achieved in the exam, and that is a simulation of educational values ​​based on providing equal opportunities for students to re-exam, while those with competence retain their distinction.

She explained in the guide that the word “exempt” in the academic certificate means exemption from studying the subject for a group of students in a division or group of people, in one or more schools.

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