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The nature of the Communist Party of China has determined that the party and corruption are incompatible, and resolutely preventing corruption is a major political task that the party must do for a long time in its self-revolution.

The fifth episode of the TV feature film "Zero Tolerance", "Always on the Road", passed the case of Zhou Jiangyong, former member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and former secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, and Zhang Yujie, a grass-roots public official in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, who embezzled a huge amount of public funds, and the former member of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the Haikou Municipal Party Committee. Typical cases such as the case of the former secretary Zhang Qi reveal the long-term, complex and arduous nature of the fight against corruption.

The Communist Party of China must always maintain the spirit of self-revolution, adhere to the comprehensive and strict governance of the party is always on the way, unswervingly promote the fight against corruption, and lead a new great social revolution with the party's great self-revolution in the new era.

  The fight against corruption has won an overwhelming victory and has been consolidated in an all-round way, but the situation remains grim and complex.

Corrosion and anti-corruption struggles have existed for a long time. Anti-corruption has no choice and must overcome difficulties.

  Zhou Jiangyong: Governing in such an important city, I have committed serious mistakes and crimes, and I deeply regret it.

  How to resist the temptation of material desire is an eternal topic.

A grass-roots public official embezzled tens of millions of yuan in public funds, purchased top-level online game equipment, spent extravagantly, and finally paid a heavy price.

  Zhang Yujie: After I started to consume, I found that I couldn't control my desire to consume.

  Under the high-pressure situation of anti-corruption, the means of corruption are also changing, and the concealment is further escalated.

Zhang Qi, former member of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and former secretary of the Haikou Municipal Party Committee, tried to evade supervision through various means.

  Zhang Qi: I don’t think I can get away with these issues. I didn’t expect to end up like this myself.

  "Zero Tolerance" fifth episode "Always on the Road", so stay tuned.