Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom announced today (19th), "We want to recognize even those who have been hospitalized for an adverse reaction (vaccine) as eligible for the quarantine pass."

Prime Minister Kim said at a meeting of the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters (Corona 19) presided over at the government complex in Seoul today, "There is no set answer on the target and level of application of the quarantine pass. We will reduce confusion and inconvenience and increase public acceptance,” he said.

"I earnestly request the court's prompt decision on the related litigation so that the people will no longer experience inconvenience and confusion," he added.

The reasons for the exception of the current quarantine pass are: ▲ Those who have been released from quarantine after being confirmed with COVID-19 ▲ Those whose secondary inoculation has been postponed or banned due to a serious adverse reaction after the first dose ▲ Those who need to delay vaccination due to immunosuppression or administration of immunosuppressants or anticancer drugs ▲ Due to the contraindications of vaccination, the government is planning to announce a plan to expand the reasons for exceptions to the quarantine pass tomorrow.

Earlier, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that it was considering adding Guillain-Barré syndrome and cerebral vein sinus thrombosis to serious adverse reactions.

Regarding the mutation of Omicron, Prime Minister Kim said, "It is expected that within this week, Omicron will become the dominant species in Korea." "The rate of spread is increasing. , and the share of Omicron is rising sharply in the Gangwon region.”

The government has prepared a response strategy focusing on speed and efficiency in consideration of the characteristics of Omicron, which has a high propagation speed, and is preparing for full-scale implementation.

(Photo = Yonhap News)