The activists of Action non-violente Cop-21 (ANV-Cop-21) seized the opportunity of Emmanuel Macron's visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, present in the Alsatian capital this Wednesday for his presentation speech on the French presidency of the European Union (PFUE), to "denounce its disastrous climatic and social balance sheet".

Supported by Greenpeace France and Friends of the Earth, they want to “point out the climate sabotage of the five-year term” of the President of the Republic and “the scandal of his greenwashing practices in the service of lobbies and finance.

A dozen similar actions are taking place right now all over France, ”they say.

Portraits taken down in town hall reappear

Shortly before the inauguration speech, activists brandished upside down presidential portraits of Emmanuel Macron which reappeared for the occasion, almost three years after the first stalls in town halls, and plunged them into a barrel containing a kind of petroleum.

Banners reading “Climate Sabotage: Macron Guilty,” in French and English, were unfurled as spokespersons spoke.

The action ended just before the arrival of the police, who evacuated the activists and the “oiled” portraits… abandoned on the spot.


Presidential 2022: Europe, springboard or ball and chain for Emmanuel Macron's future campaign?


Billions of euros on hydrogen… But for what exactly?

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