China News Service, January 18. According to the website of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, Xiao Yi, a former member of the party group and vice chairman of the Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, was suspected of taking bribes and abusing his power. The Municipal People's Procuratorate examines and prosecutes.

Recently, the Hangzhou Municipal People's Procuratorate of Zhejiang Province has filed a public prosecution with the Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court.

  During the review and prosecution stage, the procuratorial organ informed the defendant Xiao Yi of his procedural rights according to law, interrogated the defendant, and listened to the opinions of the defender.

Procuratorial organs prosecuted allegations: Defendant Xiao Yi took advantage of his positions as director of the Jiangxi Provincial People's Government in Beijing Office, secretary of the Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee of Jiangxi Province, and vice-chairman of the Jiangxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference to assist relevant units and individuals in project contracting, project development, etc. The defendant, Xiao Yi, during his tenure as secretary of the Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee, knew that Fuzhou Genesis Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises were mainly engaged in the calculation and production of virtual currency, involving the manufacture and production of virtual currency production equipment. Sales and virtual currency trading activities are still in violation of state regulations, providing assistance in violation of financial subsidies, case trials, financial support, power security, etc., resulting in heavy losses to public properties, causing bad social impact, and the circumstances are particularly serious. criminals and abuse of power shall be investigated for criminal responsibility.