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A YouTuber who made a live-action set of the drama 'Squid Game' and played the game took the top spot in YouTube income last year.

Jimmy Donaldson, who is active under the name of 'Mr. Beast', has been named the No. 1 YouTuber in Forbes in 2021.

It is said that the total number of views of the videos uploaded last year exceeded 10 billion, and they earned 54 million dollars, or about 64 billion Korean won, from advertisements and sponsorships.

That's more than the average salary of a Wall Street CEO.

Donaldson is making content on topics that are difficult for ordinary people to actually experience, such as 'laying down in a coffin and buried for 50 hours'. .

For this video, they rented a stadium that can accommodate 80,000 spectators and spent 2.3 billion won on the set production alone.

11-year-old toy review YouTuber 'Ryan Kaji', who took the top spot for two years in a row, has been pushed down to 7th place.

(Screen source: YouTube MrBeast)