China News Agency, Taipei, January 18. According to a report by China Times News on the 18th, Wu Chengdian was re-elected as the chairman of the Taiwan New Party. He said that he would continue to work hard to promote cross-strait exchanges and interaction, and reduce the atmosphere of confrontation between the two sides. The new party's insistence on peaceful reunification will not change.

  On the 17th, the new party held the election of the tenth party chairman and party representatives. The current party chairman Wu Chengdian won the support of the majority of party members and was successfully re-elected.

  Wu Chengdian said that the important members of the New Party are all academic elites, and they have long been the spokespersons of the small citizens. They are committed to caring about people's livelihood issues, and attaching importance to the traditional virtues of Chinese culture. Well-being is the central idea.