The total amount of political party grants to be delivered to each party is expected to be about 31.5 billion yen for eight parties, the largest amount of about 16 billion yen for the LDP, and about 6.8 billion yen for the Constitutional Democratic Party. is.

Political party subsidies are issued to the political parties that have notified the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications according to the number of members of the Diet to which they belong and the number of votes obtained in past national elections as of January 1 every year based on the Political Party Subsidy Law. , The notification has been closed on the 17th.

Eight political parties have made this notification, and a total of 31,536 million yen will be issued.

Based on this, when calculating the amount of party grants to be delivered to each party, in descending order,

▼ LDP is 16,036 million yen,

▼ Constitutional Democratic Party is 6,786 million yen,

▼ Japan Restoration Society 3,027 million yen,

▼ Komeito 3,009 million yen,

▼ Democratic Party for the People 1,773 million yen,

▼ Reiwa Shinsengumi 413 million yen,

▼ Social Democratic Party 279 million yen,

▼ "NHK "In violation of Article 72 of the Party Lawyer Law in Trial" is expected to be 211 million yen.

The Communist Party has not received any grants in opposition to the party grant system.

Political party grants will be distributed to each party four times a year once the budget for the 4th year of Reiwa is established.