The Spring Festival is approaching, and it is the New Year's flavor.

For the Chinese people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, the Spring Festival is the most solemn traditional festival, a day for family reunion and welcoming the New Year.

For Taiwan compatriots studying, working and living in the mainland, what are they going to do this year?

Is it a homecoming reunion or a local New Year?

What kind of help do I need if I celebrate the New Year in place?

These all deeply affect the heart of the motherland.

  Some Taiwan compatriots and Taiwan businessmen decided to return to Taiwan to accompany their families for reunion.

We care about them, is the road back home safe and smooth?

The mainland will do its best to consider the epidemic prevention and control and the needs of Taiwan compatriots returning home, provide them with active assistance, and warm the Taiwan compatriots on their way home.

Taiwanese offices around the world have taken action to visit and condolence to Taiwanese businessmen in various forms to gain an in-depth understanding of their specific needs and help solve practical problems. Taiwan compatriots go home in peace.

  A considerable number of Taiwan compatriots were affected by the epidemic and decided to stay in the mainland to celebrate the Spring Festival with their relatives and friends.

Their prayers are shared with us.

We care about them, their hometowns are not separated from both sides of the strait, and the reunion is home in one place. We hope that they will be as festive and lively as they are in the local New Year, and the Spring Festival holiday will be full and happy.

These days, Taiwan compatriots in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei and other places who have not been able to return to their hometowns have received condolences, condolence letters, and gift packages.

Many Taiwan compatriots and Taiwanese businessmen said: "Reassured", "Warm", "Intimate", "Attentive"... The courtesy is light and affectionate, and they feel the care and warmth of family members.

  The two sides of the Strait have always been one family, and the flesh and blood are constantly separated.

Governments at all levels in the mainland have always been highly concerned and concerned about the Taiwan compatriots in the mainland, benefiting the Taiwan compatriots like serving the mainland people. For decades, at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, they have sent New Year greetings and New Year wishes to the Taiwan compatriots in various ways. .

At the same time, it will also provide some sincere suggestions for them to achieve better development in the mainland in the coming year.

  At present, the mainland is continuing to promote the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the outline of the long-term goals for 2035, and is on a new journey to build a modern socialist country in an all-round way. Taiwan compatriots and Taiwan businessmen come to the mainland to develop and usher in greater opportunities and broad space.

How to integrate into the overall development of the motherland and achieve better development in the deepening of cross-strait integration and development?

Here, I would like to say a few words from my heart to the Taiwan compatriots.

  The first is to integrate its own development into the local area, "being a host, not a guest".

As the integration and development of the two sides of the strait continue to deepen and solidify, more and more Taiwan compatriots choose to "land" for development. Their footsteps move from cities to villages, from office buildings to communities, from studying and working to participating in social governance.

Hundreds of thousands of Taiwan compatriots spend their youth in the mainland where they work and study. There are sweat, tears, laughter and happiness from hard work. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the second hometown.

"Home is where the heart is." You might as well take the attitude of the owner, devote yourself to your passion and intelligence, organically unify career development and home construction, and closely link personal development with national rejuvenation. Only in this way can you better realize your own goals. The value of life is bound to gain the satisfaction of winning the affirmation of the villagers and society.

  The second is to be a bridge and link for deepening cross-strait exchanges and cooperation.

"Communication, peace, and development" have always been the mainstream public opinion on both sides of the strait. In the past year, compatriots on both sides of the strait have overcome all difficulties and actively carried out nearly 800 non-governmental exchange activities. And other social undertakings, many Taiwanese artists actively spoke out, paying tribute to the heroes of the frontier, supporting Xinjiang cotton, and donating to the flood disaster in Henan, expressing the wishes of the majority of Taiwan compatriots.

These fully demonstrate that the desire of compatriots on both sides of the strait to communicate and cooperate, and to get close to relatives, comes from the heart.

In 2022, there will only be more and richer cross-strait exchanges and exchanges. Taiwan compatriots and Taiwanese businessmen may wish to actively participate and continue the enthusiasm, and use their personal experience and feelings to encourage more people to integrate into the surging tide of cross-strait exchanges, so that they can become witnesses of the integrated development of the two sides of the strait. The participants and participants have also become promoters and beneficiaries, building bridges of friendship and bridges of hope for the peaceful development of cross-strait relations.

  The mainland of the motherland has always been the strong backing and firm support of the vast number of Taiwan compatriots.

In the future, the mainland will continue to care and care for Taiwan compatriots, share the development opportunities of the mainland with Taiwan compatriots, and provide the same treatment to Taiwan compatriots and Taiwan-funded enterprises. , and then innovate brilliantly.

  Author: Wang Lingxi