China News Service, January 18. According to the WeChat public account of Shunyi, Beijing, the Beijing Shunyi District Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a notice on the 18th that at 6:00 on January 18, 2022, Shunyi CDC had a positive contact with a positive case in Haidian. The same batch of goods of the international mail - a document was tested positive for nucleic acid, and the company that received the document was located in the Nanfaxinzhen Hanggang Building.

  The notice pointed out that the Shunyi District CDC has quickly carried out related work such as epidemiological investigation, temporary control, nucleic acid testing, and environmental disinfection.

  According to the report, at present, it has been determined that 3 people have been closely connected and 4 people have been closely connected, and corresponding control measures have been implemented.

The collection of 1,070 people and 50 environmental samples in the building has been completed. After the nucleic acid test results of the personnel and the environment are negative and terminal disinfection is completed, the temporary control of the airport building will be lifted.

At present, the overall order in the building is good, and the service guarantee is in place.