China News Service, January 18. According to Japan's "Chinese Herald" report, on January 17 local time, Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroichi Matsuno announced that 87 state-funded students will be allowed to enter Japan at the end of January.

  According to reports, the 87 state-funded international students who are preparing to enter Japan this time have not released specific information such as nationality and school majors, but explained their reasons for "having to enter", including the need to accept face-to-face courses, graduation or graduation deadlines are approaching Wait.

The Japanese government, for the sake of national interests, believes that it is necessary to make a special case and let them enter together as much as possible. Under the premise of taking necessary epidemic prevention measures, they are directly isolated in the isolation facilities supervised by the government.

  Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroichi Matsuno said that this special case is not a trend that Japan's border measures will change, but only "from the perspective of public welfare and urgency, taking into account individual circumstances, it was decided to allow entry after taking necessary epidemic prevention measures. If these 87 people cannot enter the country, their graduation may be affected." Whether there are other special cases in the future will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Japan's current port epidemic prevention measures are still strict and have not changed.