Foreign Minister Hayashi said at a press conference about a large-scale volcanic eruption near Tonga in the South Pacific that no human damage was confirmed to about 40 Japanese who had been notified of their residence in Tonga. After that, he expressed his intention to cooperate with the countries concerned and provide as much support as possible.

In this, Foreign Minister Hayashi said that the damage situation on Tongatapu Island, where the capital of Tonga is located, was that the building was inundated, power outages, and communication problems occurred. We have confirmed and explained that dozens of houses have been partially or completely destroyed. "

In addition, "There are about 40 Japanese residents in Tonga as of the 15th of this month, and according to reports from the field, we have been informed that the lives and bodies of Japanese residents have been damaged so far. I haven't. "

On that basis, the government has indicated that it will continue to make every effort to ensure the safety of Japanese residents and will provide Tonga with as much support as possible in close cooperation with the countries concerned.