China News Service, Shanghai, January 18 (Reporter Chen Jing) "Metaverse" is one of the hottest topics at the moment.

What is the essence of the "metaverse"?

What are the elements?

What is the future development prospect?

How does the industry view "Metaverse"... The reporter learned on the 18th that Fudan University School of Management 2022 "Seeing" - Dialogue with Science and Technology Figures The first lecture focused on "'Zhuang Zhou' and 'Dream Butterfly' - Entering the Metaverse "Parallel World", scholars and industry elites bring multi-dimensional interpretations of the metaverse from different perspectives.

  In an interview with reporters, Professor Yan Feng from the Department of Chinese at Fudan University believed that the Metaverse originated from human nature, supported by modern technology, and conformed to the path of civilization evolution.

He points out that gaming is an important feature of the metaverse.

As an industry insider, Xie Hao, founder and CEO of Yuanyi Imagination, believes that in the future, the first stop of Metaverse will be Web 3.0, but it will also bring four aspects such as content production efficiency, content quality, compatibility and operation. a challenge.

  Xu Zhengchuan, associate professor of the Department of Information Management and Business Intelligence, School of Management, Fudan University believes that Metaverse means an expanded virtual space, including eternal digital identities, more diversified and deeper user interactions, and features of interaction, immersion, and collaboration .

The complete metaverse consists of seven elements: earth, namely cloud space and computing power; gate, the way to enter the metaverse, such as VR, AR, etc.; root, namely virtual human and digital human; sky, namely virtual human in cloud space The creation and creativity in the network constitute digital products, voice terminals and creative works; the sea, namely IoT + data-driven + AI, forms connections between virtual people, and data is generated after social activities, and the data is retained, forming a huge data sea. It can drive AI; Bao, the financial system; Path, the digital twin.

IoT means that the Internet of Things (English: Internet of Things, abbreviated IoT) is an information carrier such as the Internet and traditional telecommunication networks, which enables all ordinary objects that can perform independent functions to achieve interconnection and interoperability.

  He said that from a technical point of view, the metaverse is the inevitable result of the gradual development and aggregation of digital technologies such as AI, blockchain, cloud computing, data twinning, and virtual engines.

From a social perspective, Metaverse will further reduce the creation cost and creation threshold of ordinary users, increase the degree of freedom of creation, stimulate the enthusiasm of the public for creation, and further release productivity and creativity, so as to build the next network-based society and realize a people-oriented Datong society. .

From an investment perspective, digital humans, cloud computing, social industries, and collaboration tools are promising tracks.

In Xu Zhengchuan's view, the positive and negative trends of the metaverse depend on human beings, and the industrial metaverse precedes the consumer metaverse.

  "The virtual universes depicted in literature, paintings, dramas, movies, etc., were separated from the physical universe in the past. With the development of science and technology, the boundaries between the two universes began to be broken and continuously merged, and the virtual activities of human beings became more and more With substantial power, the result of this fusion is the Metaverse." Professor Yan Feng shared his views on the Metaverse from the perspectives of literature, art and humanities.

He believes that the metaverse is a combination of virtuality and reality, and it is an ancient dream of mankind. The medium that carries this dream, especially digital technology, promotes the development of the metaverse.

It is reported that Professor Yan Feng is a senior gamer.

He believes that gameplay is one of the important properties of the metaverse, and enables users to perform otherwise passive activities in a more free and active way.

Yan Feng pointed out that with the deepening of the complementation and integration of reality and virtuality, the Metaverse will bring about a new world in the future where life, art, technology, and games are integrated.

  Chen Li, founder and CEO of Zhongmo Information Technology, pointed out that the intersection of the virtual and reality of the Metaverse is XR products, which are also a kind of productivity and tools, which can help the development of industrial manufacturing, industrial management and remote training.

XR (Extended Reality, Extended Reality) refers to a combination of real and virtual, human-machine interactive environment generated by computer technology and wearable devices. It is a general term for AR, VR, MR and other forms.

Another industry elite, Xie Hao, founder and CEO of Yuanyi Imagination, said that the essence of Metaverse is to use symbols to build a system of meaning.

Text, assembly language, etc. are all tools for constructing virtual worlds.

  In the discussion on "The New World of Business and Life in the Metaverse", Professor Yan Feng believed that what the Metaverse brings to people is freedom or a desire for freedom, including the release of imagination and creation, and the transformation of virtual things into Reality, and reconstruction of reality.

"Metaverse" opens up many possibilities for users.

Chen Li pointed out that the future of the Metaverse will be an explosive phenomenon for consumption, and more inclined to continuous development for the industry.

Xie Hao bluntly stated that virtual conferences will be the future trend, and Metaverse will further improve the communication experience of users. At the same time, the creative methods, techniques and narrative methods of practitioners will affect the shaping of the Metaverse.