“Human Resources and Emiratisation”: Implementing an integrated system to ensure health and safety in workers’ housing

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation confirmed the application of an integrated system aimed at ensuring the existence of health and safety requirements in the workers’ housing, at a time when the Ministry established an electronic system called the “labor housing system”, which is considered an integrated and interconnected system between the owners of labor housing and employers.

The Director of the Occupational Health and Safety Department, Ibrahim Abdul Rahman Al-Ammari, explained that the ministry periodically monitors the extent to which the requirements and standards for labor accommodation are adhered to, in parallel with the implementation of programs to educate employers and workers about the importance of adhering to these requirements, which contributes to creating a work environment free of risks, in implementation of the policies of the UAE government. related to.

He told the "Electronic Labor Market Magazine", which is issued by the ministry that the requirements of the occupational health and safety system include the necessity that the workers' housing building and the general location are suitable and suitable for housing, in addition to the presence of a clear sign with the name of the facility at the entrance in both Arabic and English, as well as a commitment not to brush the floors Carpets, rugs and beds for all workers.

He pointed out the need for employers to provide electricity and water, provide all rooms with air-conditioning systems and provide adequate lighting, in addition to not using rooms for washing clothes, cooking or eating, as well as a requirement that the labor housing buildings be made of non-combustible materials.

The health and safety requirements applied by the ministry in the labor housing specified that the workers are distributed according to the system followed, which is 3 square meters for each worker, in addition to the condition of the walls, ceilings, doors and windows in good condition, with iron wardrobes for clothes, as well as the requirement that the ceilings be of a material other than asbestos;

The requirements also include the availability of special shelves for shoes at the entrance to the room, and toilets in suitable numbers for workers, provided that there is a bathroom for every 8 workers, with the necessary bathroom supplies for use, in addition to that the bathroom doors are in good condition and that the sewage is drained in a healthy and good manner with the availability of Exhaust fans.

The Ministry also stipulates that in workers’ housing, there are kitchens and dining halls, a safe and designated place for gas cylinders outside the kitchen, and that the kitchens are clean and equipped with exhaust fans and drinking water through clean and filtered water coolers, in addition to the necessity of having suitable containers for storing waste.

Health and safety requirements in workers’ housing require clean, airtight water tanks to be contracted with private companies for cleaning and pest control, in addition to working to maintain water tanks periodically and providing an insect killer device in kitchens and dining halls.

The requirements also include the provision of a first aid room containing tools and supplies for those aids, with usable and appropriately distributed fire extinguishers, the provision of usable water pumps and hoses, the availability of a fire alarm and directional panels showing emergency exits and the provision of a gathering point.

The Director of the Department of Occupational Health and Safety in the Ministry explained that the “labor housing system” allows owners to register their labor accommodation through the system on the ministry’s website www.mohre.gov.ae, with the submission of all documents that indicate the validity of housing and its application to occupational health and safety requirements, and then the owners Work by registering rented accommodation and adding workers through the portal designated for them in the system, which allows employers to prove their commitment to the requirements and standards, in addition to helping employers obtain appropriate labor accommodation without trouble.

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