She noted that the German side sent the Netherlands a request for an increase of 1.1 billion cubic meters.

m of natural gas supplies for the current and next heating seasons.

“The Dutch, of course, were surprised by such ... let's call it the“ positions ”of the German neighbors.

Including for the reason that Berlin itself is now opposed to the development of new gas fields in the North Sea by the Netherlands,” Zakharova wrote on Telegram.

The diplomat added that the Dutch side hinted to Berlin "to go and see what measures Germany itself can take to limit gas consumption to the limit."

At the same time, Zakharova stressed, German Foreign Minister Annalen Berbock announced that the fully completed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline did not comply with European legislation.

“On the issue of Western “values” and “unity”, as well as their intricacies.

Well, logic.

What is there, ”wrote the diplomat.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said that Russia and Gazprom bear no responsibility for the energy crisis in Europe.