The ordinary Diet session was convened on the 17th, and Prime Minister Kishida emphasized in his policy speech that he would flexibly respond to the situation and prepare for the new corona measures.

The opposition party will pursue the government's measures against corona in a representative question starting on the 19th, and will proactively propose improvement measures.

Prime Minister Kishida gave a policy speech at the main meeting of both houses of the Diet on the 17th, saying, "Even if the policy is decided once, if there is a better way, we will revise it without hesitation and evolve the response flexibly. He expressed his intention to prepare for the situation, and emphasized the expectation that the downward trend in recent years would be reversed at once regarding the wage increase.

In response, Izumi, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, pointed out that "the speech has no concrete measures in the most important part," and the opposition party asked a representative question about the policy speech starting on the 19th, and the government's measures against corona are unsuccessful. In addition to pursuing that it is sufficient, the policy is to request the strengthening of the PCR test system and the establishment of laws to strengthen the securing of beds, and to proactively propose improvement measures.

In the ordinary Diet session, the government and the ruling party want to build up their achievements by enacting a new fiscal year budget bill and related bills that include a "wage increase tax system" as soon as possible, while the opposition party not only criticizes the administration. It is expected that the ruling and opposition parties will have a debate toward the upper house election in the summer, with the intention of appealing the society and policies they are aiming for and showing their presence.