The opening ceremony of the 208th Ordinary Diet Session was held on the 17th at the House of Councilors plenary session with His Majesty the Emperor.

The opening ceremony of the ordinary Diet session was held at the House of Councilors plenary session from 1:00 pm.

First, on behalf of both Houses of Representatives, Speaker of the House of Representatives Hosoda said, "In the socio-economic situation still affected by the new coronavirus, the situation inside and outside the country is severe, and there are many important issues that need to be dealt with immediately. We must reaffirm the responsibilities of the House of Representatives, engage in extensive discussions, and take the necessary measures. "

After this, His Majesty the Emperor said, "It is my deep pleasure to meet with all the people who represent all the people. As the highest body of national rights in dealing with the problems at home and abroad, the Diet I sincerely hope that we will fully fulfill that mission and respond to the trust of the people. "