, January 17. According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Chinese website, the 11-day uproar of tennis star Djokovic's visa incident has finally come to an end.

Djokovic, who said he was disappointed by an Australian court's decision to uphold his visa cancellation, left Melbourne by plane on the 16th.

Data map: Djokovic at the 2021 Australian Open men's singles final.

  According to reports, the Australian Federal Court announced on the 16th that the three judges of the collegial panel unanimously ruled that Djokovic lost the case and upheld the decision of Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke to cancel Djokovic’s visa.

Alex Hawke welcomed the federal court ruling.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison also welcomed the ruling.

  Djokovic issued a statement saying he was "extremely disappointed" by the ruling.

"I respect the court's decision and I will cooperate with the relevant authorities on leaving the country," he added.

Alex Hawke confirmed on the evening of the 16th that Djokovic had left Australia.

  Djokovic also said, "The focus of the past few weeks has been on me, which has made me uncomfortable, and I hope we can all focus on the tennis game and tournament that I love right now. I wish the players, tournament officials. , staff, volunteers and fans are doing well at this tournament."

  The Australian Open kicked off on the 17th. According to the previous draw, Djokovic was supposed to face Miomir Ketchmanovic, also from Serbia, in the first round today.