The 208th Ordinary Diet Session will be convened on the 17th.

As the infection of the new coronavirus spreads rapidly, the government and the ruling party are aiming to establish a budget plan for the new fiscal year as soon as possible in order to strengthen measures and rebuild the economy.

On the other hand, the opposition party will start a debate between the ruling and opposition parties in anticipation of the summer Upper House election, such as pursuing the insufficient points of the government's measures against corona.

On the 17th of the convocation day, following the opening ceremony welcoming His Majesty the Emperor, four government speeches will be given at the main meeting of both houses of the Diet, including the first policy speech by Prime Minister Kishida after taking office.

In his policy speech, Prime Minister Kishida explained that the medical care provision system will be strengthened based on the characteristics of the Omicron strain, and that the third vaccination will be accelerated as the infection of the new corona spreads rapidly, and that wages will be raised. I will emphasize the expectations of.

The government and the ruling party are aiming to enact a new fiscal year budget bill, which will bring the total amount of the general account to more than 107 trillion yen, which is the largest ever, as well as a new bill to strengthen economic security and a command tower for children's policies. The idea is to enact a bill to establish the "Children's Family Agency".

On the other hand, the opposition party has decided to call for legislation to strengthen the securing of beds, saying that the government's measures against corona are inadequate.

In addition, the Kishida administration is aiming to raise wages, but it is uncertain whether it will lead to the elimination of disparities, and it is a policy to pursue effective concrete measures.

The ordinary session of the Diet is 150 days until June 15, and if there is no extension of the session, the Upper House election is expected to be held on July 10, and the debate between the ruling and opposition parties will begin with an eye on the Upper House election.